Ryan King – Updated

When Ryan King turned 18, his parents were told they HAD to become his guardians.  Ryan certainly didn’t want a guardian and they didn’t think he needed one.  All through his life, Ryan has made his own decisions, with the support of his family and friends, and continues to do so even though he has been under a guardianship for over a decade – Ryan has worked independently for over 12 years, manages his money, volunteers in his community, plans his own services and supports and dreams of owning his own business.

In 2007, Ryan’s parents asked the Court to remove them as his guardians, again saying that he does not need or want to be under guardianship.  The Court refused.

Ryan came to us seeking the same Justice as Jenny.  We will regularly update his quest to direct his own life to the maximum of his abilities – a right most people take for granted.


Watch and listen to Ryan and his parents explain why he has a right to choose his path to a full and fulfilling life, while receiving the services and support he wants and directs.

Ryan on Ryan

Ryan’s Parent’s on Supporting Ryan’s Right to Make His Own Decisions

Videos of Ryan and His Parents