Jenny Hatch Justice Impact Story

Jonathan Martinis and Jenny Hatch Trial successMargaret “Jenny” Hatch is a high school graduate, lived in her own home, worked at a job she loves, and volunteered in many political campaigns.  But, because she has Down syndrome, Jenny faced a guardianship petition trying to take away her Right to Make Choices.

At the request of her parents, a court put her in a temporary guardianship and placed her in a group home, where they took away her cell phone and laptop and wouldn’t let her go to her job or see her friends.

However, after a year of litigation, Jenny won back her right to make her own decisions using Supported Decision-Making.  She now lives and works where she wants, sees who she chooses, and encourages others to do the same.

Jenny’s story made national and international news. She serves as the face and inspiration of the Jenny Hatch Justice Project [link] and is a sought-after speaker.  Here, you can watch video of one of Jenny’s speeches, read the essay she wrote about her case, read and watch news and television stories about her, and review material from the “Justice for Jenny” trial.

Video of Jenny
Jenny in her own words
Justice for Jenny trial material
Jenny in the news