Jenny Hatch Quotes

“Fifty years from now, the disability community will be talking about the Jenny Hatch case”
The Washington Post (quoting Denille Francis)

“[Jenny] struck a powerful blow for autonomy and independence . . . Her case sends a message and sets a precedent for other situations involving guardianship disputes.”
Care 2 Make a Difference

“Supported decision making and providing powers of attorney are the options we should look to first – rather than reflexively choosing guardianship and stripping a person of every civil liberty.”
American Civil Liberties Union

“Any attorney worth their salt . . . can now point to Jenny Hatch’s case and say that . . . there’s at least a responsibility to take the time to find out before jumping to conclusions about the client’s level of understanding”
Girl with the Cane Blog

Take a seat, on the bus, right next to Rosa – I think you’d have a lot to talk about.”
Doing Damns the Darkness Blog

“Jenny Hatch’s victory is more than affording one young woman the right to live in the community and make her own choices.  It is a case to remind all of us that one among us being weaker by virtue of age or disability is not an invitation for someone else to step in and claim ownership.”
The Columbus Dispatch

“Jenny was treated as an equal in the eyes of the law today. Progress is being made!”
Autistic Self Advocacy Network

“For anyone who has been told you can’t do something, you can’t make your own decisions, I give you Jenny Hatch — the rock that starts the avalanche”
The Washington Post (quoting Jonathan Martinis)