Guarding Adults with Disabilities

Margaret Jean Hatch is an adult with Down syndrome who recently won the right to independently decide who to live with despite requiring a legal guardian. How does a court decide the ability to be independent when parents say otherwise?

Originally aired on August 6, 2013

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  • Ricky Camilleri


  • Jim Talbert and Kelly Morris (Hampton, VA) Supporters of Jenny Hatch
  • Jonathan Martinis (Washington, DC) Legal Director, DC Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities
  • Dr. Rick Ellis (Virginia Beach, VA) Clinical and Forensic Psychologist; Evaluated Jenny Hatch
  • Susan Mizner (San Francisco, CA) Disability Counsel, ACLU
  • KEY: Jenny Hatch Granted Independence
    A judge declared Friday that Jenny Hatch, a 29-year-old woman with Down syndrome can live independently, rejecting a guardianship request from her parents that would have allowed them to keep her in a group home against her will.
    Woman with Down syndrome prevails over parents in guardianship case
  • READ: For Developmentally Disabled Independence
    A letter to the editor from Cathy Dirksen, director of communications and development for Seeking Equality, Empowerment and Community for People with Developmental Disabilities.
    Developmentally disabled still be allowed to direct their lives
  • ACLU: Disability No Excuse To Deprive Liberties
    The guardianship system in this country raises serious concerns. That’s why the guardianship trial of Jenny Hatch, a vibrant and active 29-year-old in a battle over who controls her life, struck such a chord. Jenny spoke for many other people with disabilities when she said clearly in her trial: “I don’t need guardianship. I don’t want it.”
    Disability Is No Excuse to Deprive One of Civil Liberties
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    Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities is an organization that strives to help people with developmental disabilities succeed, thrive and experience full membership in the communities they choose.
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Date: Tuesday, August 6, 2013
News Source: Huff Post
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